Civilian Anti-Terrorist and Survival Course Manual

The ASRPA Civilian Anti-Terrorist and Survival Course (Active Shooter/Terrorist Survival) Manual (DOWNLOADABLE ITEM).  Developed in 2016 by an elite group of trainers with diverse backgrounds, ASRPA President Noble Hathaway commissioned this group to write a course for the average citizen to understand, and easy for an experienced, perhaps overqualified instructor to teach and relate to his/her students.

This course is not only for those carrying firearms.  Many discussions and illustrations on survivability in lots of settings and many different scenarios are covered.  This is a excellent course for mature teens, parents, and grandparents concerned with the active shooter/terrorist movement in our Country.

There is a practical firing test if the student wishes to participate and the entire course is friendly to novice students by design. A great course for civic, church and other organizations, or can be taught as a private lesson.

Only offered and available to ASRPA Certified Trainers. 

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Civilian Anti-Terrorist and Survival Course Manual
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